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Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are gaining in popularity because they help aging homeowners overcome their #1 fear:  Outliving their money. Reverse mortgages also help homeowners to achieve their #1 hope:  Living in their home forever.

A reverse mortgage is a safe way that enables seniors, age 62 and older, to convert a portion of their home equity into tax-free cash without giving up ownership or without being forced to make a monthly payment while they live in their home. 

Customers gravitate towards reverse mortgages because they help make many aging homeowners feel safe, secure, confident, independent and happy. Reverse mortgages often provide a more comfortable retirement, with added sense of sense of control, freedom and inner peace.

Look to the right and check out the video library.  Each video is less than a minute - there are 12 quick lessons, perfect for children, heirs, realtors, CPA's and financial planners to learn the basics.  Good news - reverse mortgages are just home loans, and they work like equity lines.  After checking out the videos, you will see that reverse mortgages have a few unique twists, but they work almost the same as traditional loans. Enjoy the website and we urge you to attend a free educational seminar or webinar conducted by Paul Scheper, our expert.
Reverse Mortgage Video
What is a reverse mortgage?
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