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" My loan went smoothly because I got text updates and phone calls and emails every 3 days, even though I only asked for weekly updates.  I loved it.  I was never in the dark."

 - Tracy Gatica

Traditional Mortgages
Reverse Mortgages

ALL TYPES -- Conventional loans, Reverse Mortgages, Home Equity Lines, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Commercial, Portfolio. Click “More” button for a sample of the loans we offer at Loangevity Mortgage.

A Reverse Mortgage is designed for seniors over 62 years of age to improve their retirement life style. No repayment of the loan as long as the borrower occupies the property as his/her primary residence.

News & Publications

Business Innovators "Paul Scheper Business Leader Success Interview" - I am passionate about customers, realtors, builders, financial planners and companies with inspiring stories of how to get better, how to improve each day.  My purpose and passion are to help clients save money and improve their financial lives.

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The Reverse Review "The Golden Rule of HECM Origination" - In life, the Golden Rule is a basic principle that should be followed to ensure success in everything you do. It goes like this: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In reverse mortgage lending, the Golden Rule is also important, and it can be revised to: “Lend unto others as you would have them lend unto you.” 

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Spotlight: The ABCs of Reverse Mortgage Originating 

What's the biggest room in the world? It's the room for improvement. This is true for all of us (especially for me). With this in mind, here are the 26 keys to becoming or remaining a top-flight HECM originator according to the letters of the alphabet.

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When working with Paul, I have found no situation where he does not find a way (over, under, around, or through) to solve it. He uses his humor, his intelligence, and yes, his charm (hope he doesn't read this) to the end. I have never met anyone with such a positive attitude. He is the author of "The ABC's of Self-Improvement." He practices what he preaches. He is a coach, a mentor, and a friend to all who know him or have worked with him. I've never met anyone quite like him!” 

—  Linda Begley, Greenwood, IN

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